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Facebook Posts

Namibia expedition 2015 update

Our students are ready for their departure into the wilderness. All of our bag packers from Stockport College will have limited internet connection and phone signal over the next 5 days, as they embark on the next phase of their international adventure!

#wilderness #Africa #Internationalim #nextphase #expedition #bagpackers
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Namibia expedition 2015 update

Picture: Taken today of hairdressing students at a shipwreck on the Skeleton coast. The Stockport Spice Girls offer a smile! All are safe and having an enjoyable experience in South West Africa! Say cheese!

#MyCareerStockport #shipwrecked #Africa #spottheboat
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GMCG Construction and Allied Industries Skills Competition 2015

The classified results of today's competition, held here at Stockport College's Wellington Road South Campus, are as follows:

Brickwork- Senior entrant
1st- Anthony Dean (Bury College)
2nd- John Scanlon (Hopwood Hall College)

Brickwork- New entrant
1st- Haroon Rashid (Hopwood Hall College)
2nd- Connor Dunn (Stockport College)

Carpentry & Joinery- Senior entrant
1st- Josh Harrison (Wigan & Leigh College)
2nd- Alex Power (Hopwood Hall College)

Carpentry & Joinery- New entrant
1st- Toby-John Hacon (Tameside College)
2nd- Tom Partington (Bury College)

Electrical Installation- Senior entrant
1st- Jakob Murphy (Trafford College)
2nd- Dion Latham (Hopwood Hall College)

Electrical Installation- New entrant
1st- Joe Atkinson (Trafford College)
2nd- Kristo Farmer (Hopwood Hall College)

Painting and Decorating- Senior entrant
1st- Matthew Hendry (Wigan & Leigh College)

Painting and Decorating- New entrant
1st- Aiden Tazcu (Wigan & Leigh College)

Plastering- Senior entrant
1st- Adam Leyland (Stockport College)

Plastering- New entrant
1st- Andrew Turner (Bury College)
2nd- Connor Wilson (Hopwood Hall College)

Plumbing- Senior entrant
1st- Karl Scholes (Hopwood Hall College)
2nd- Debbie Meadwell (Wigan and Leigh College)

Plumbing- New entrant
1st- Natasha Thompson (Tameside College)
2nd- Callum Horsefield (Hopwood Hall College)

Congratulations to all competitors from Greater Manchester College's who competed today! Stockport College are proud to have welcomed such amazing talent!

#Skills #GMCG #proud #talent #results #Construction #AlliedIndustries
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Launch of Stock ‘n’ take - Stockport College’s new community food & clothes bank- this Friday 22 May 2015

This year Stockport College learners will be promoting sustainable consumption, as part of the Biological and Cultural day from this Friday 22 May 2015.

Through this national initiative we would like to concentrate on our local community, by launching our Stock ‘n’ take community food and clothes bank, to be situated in main reception at Stockport College, from Thursday 21 May 2015.

The official opening for Stock ‘n’ take will be Friday 22 May 2015 at 9am. Stock ‘n’ take will be open from 9am until 1pm each and every Friday, for our learners, staff and the local community to use.

Reducing food wastage may contribute significantly to the sustainability of the food system. It is currently estimated that 32% of the total food produced globally is wasted.

Changing consumption patterns is vital for poverty and hunger eradication. Please can all learners and colleagues look in your larders and wardrobes, and bring “A BAG” to main reception at Stockport College, from Thursday 21 May 2015 onwards.

Our learners will be at Stockport Tesco Extra, on Tiviot Way in Stockport tomorrow, to promote our new ‘Stock ‘n’ take community food and clothes bank. They will also be asking for the local community to make donations from their trolleys. Come and say hello!

We look forward to everyone’s support with this new community enterprise. De-clutter your home, support our learners and make a difference to people’s lives in our local community!

Thank you for your support, our learners cannot wait to receive your donations!
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GMCG Construction and Allied Industries Skills Competition 2015

Here are some more photos from our Greater Manchester Colleges Group Construction and Allied Industries skills competition, taking place here today at Stockport College.

The competition is hotting up, there is not long now until the final whistle!

The judges are ready to count the scores, all competitors have displayed a vast array of industry specific skills and expertise today! Well done to everyone participating!

#Inspriring #Construction #Skills #competition #GMCG #AlliedIndustries (22 photos)
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Stockport College welcomes GMCG students to our Construction and Allied Industries Skills Competition 2015

Best of luck to all our students participating in Greater Manchester Colleges Group skills competitions this week.

Students from all areas of Stockport College will be showing off their skills in competitions hosted at different colleges across Greater Manchester.

Today Stockport College hosts the Construction and Allied Industries sector competition for GMCG competitors.

We look forward to the college keeping up its fine tradition in competitions, and welcoming all competitors, the Lord Mayor of Stockport and all colleagues for what promises to be an exciting competition!

Good luck to all competing today! (39 photos)
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Namibia 2015 expedition update

Stockport College students viewing amazing stone carvings. Can you believe they are actually 6,000 years old?!

#history #6000 #insightful #Internationalism #studentexperience #Africa
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Namibia 2015 expedition update

Stockport College students and staff have today been learning about Namibian culture from local tribes!
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Namibia 2015 expedition update

Today our students have been on safari. Can you spot the elephant?

This picture has been taken by one of our students Emily Pollitt! Fantastic image Emily!

To see more fantastic photos as and when they are taken please follow @stock_college on Twitter.

#Elephants #Safari #MyCareerStockport #Africa #Internationalism #Explorers
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