Apprenticeship Guide

Learn about what an apprenticeship can do for you in our apprenticeship guide. Find your future with an Apprenticeship at Stockport


Earn and Learn

‘College managers have continued to work well with local businesses to ensure that the curriculum meets local skill requirements‘ (Official Ofsted Report, 2016).

An apprenticeship is just the job if you’re looking to learn a trade for work. From manual skills in trades like motor vehicle, engineering and construction — to hospitality, sport, hair and beauty, photography, performing arts or more — they get people of all age groups learning skills with an employer and earning a wage from day one. Does that work for you?

‘Apprentices understand clearly how their vocational knowledge and skills will help them to achieve their qualifications and gain employment in their chosen careers’ (Ofsted Report, 2016).

Funding your future

We believe everyone should have access to education, regardless of financial position. There are various options to help you on your way with an apprenticeship and ensure that you pick up the skills for work and not money worries.

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Let's get to work

Our 400+ apprentices know that they’re employees, not students. They spend up to one full day week at college and the rest of the time working, learning and earning. It’s a good life if you want to combine study with practical training and develop skills for life.

‘Apprentices understand how to develop their practical skills and they make a good contribution to their employers’ workforces’ (Ofsted Report, 2016).

Where will your journey take you?

Stockport College has been offering apprenticeships for many years, and works with some of the best employers in the area. Our helpful Apprenticeship Guide includes all the information you need to get in and go far with an apprenticeship at Stockport.

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