Apply yourself today

Our dedicated Apprenticeship Team will help you search our current vacancies, or help you source your placement.
Step 1: Apply

You can apply for an Apprenticeship via the National Apprenticeship Service (complete as fully as possible, with lots of detail), if you would like support to help you apply, contact START, our dedicated Apprenticeship team on 0161 886 7461 or email

Step 2: Response

When we have received your application we will ring you, if successful, and submit your application to the employer. This is your opportunity to discover more about apprenticeships and how we find you an employer (if you have not already secured employment).

Step 3: Finding Employment

Following a successful interview you will be conditionally accepted onto an Apprenticeship.

Step 4: Start Your Apprenticeship

When you have employment, we will confirm your place on the Apprenticeship programme with Trafford College and your employer.

Can’t Find a Suitable Apprenticeship?

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Contact Us

For more information about Apprenticeships with Stockport College, and our vacancy matching service at START, please contact us on 0161 886 7461, or email


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