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This is an exciting time in Stockport College’s 126 year history, with a planned merger with Trafford College early 2018 and a new state of the art Stockport campus planned by 2020. The two colleges also operate the Manchester Airport Academy with exciting developments taking place with the Airport expansion plans and Airport City and we work with some of the biggest names  across all sectors (Amazon, Microsoft, Fujitsu, NHS, Class of 92 (UA92)) to name a few.


In today’s challenging and changing business environment procurement and supply professionals have been identified as key to maintaining an organisation’s sustainability. CIPS is a highly sought after globally recognised procurement qualification. As a result, an MCIPS qualified professional is seen as a valuable asset to any company with the demand for the qualifications growing day by day.

Why us for CIPS ?

  • Reg Dyson: Senior Supply Chain Consultant; Mentor and Coach
  • MCIPS Qualified
  • Over 40 years of extensive experience in Retail, Manufacturing, Project Management and Education
  • Key clients have included: British Airways, Bentley, Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation, Salford University, University of West London, The National School of Government.
  • Taught 3 CIPS president award winners and had the highest national aggregate marks

If you’re interested in enhancing your career opportunities through careers in procurement, you can enquire about what we have to offer:

CIPS Enquiries 

You can also view what is going on with careers in procurement and supply during 2017/18.

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