Debut Arts’ Vikki Earle Claims ‘Best Actress’ at BBC Urban Film Festival

Debut Arts have once again taken the spotlight as another of their incredible staff team reaches new heights within the British film industry.

Vikki Earle claimed the title of best actress at the BBC British Urban Film Festival (BUFF) Awards in London for her lead role as “Jennifer” in “For Her Sake”. The short film itself which screened at last year’s British Urban Film Festival has since picked up numerous awards including Best Film, Best Director, Best Script and Best Actress at the Disturb Awards 2016.

After winning the acclaimed award Vikki had this to say:

I am truly overwhelmed and honoured by everyone’s support. I still cannot believe I won best actress at the British Urban Film Festival Awards. It was a privilege to have met a whole host of talented individuals at the Awards evening, from the actors, actresses, Olympic athletes and investors, to the Channel 4 producers, Trace Media team members, and the BBC.
Looking forward 2017 is really shaping up to be a busy venture in my career, something that I cannot wait to fully embrace. I am always looking for the next challenge. As for now it is back to the day job, and back into another passion of mine, teaching.

Vicki herself is known for her creative teaching styles within Debut Arts and is highly regarded by all the staff and students on the performing arts courses. As well as teaching topics such as ‘performing to an audience’ and ‘rehearsing for performance’ Vikki has had a multitude of success in delivering a number enrichment classes in musical theatre. On top of her existing talents and impressive portfolio of teaching experience Vikki also has experience in many different techniques and practices ranging from acting and dancing to martial arts and circus & skills performing.

At Stockport College we are continually honoured to have the thriving partnership with Debut Arts and regard the staff as an integral part of our organisation. The skills, knowledge and resources Debut Arts brings to Stockport College’s performing arts provision is immeasurable, an influence that is very clear by the passion and dedication our students display for the courses

For His Sake (2014 Film)

For His Sake is the true story of Jennifer, a teenage mother living in Liverpool. Her son, Tommy, seems to have leukaemia. As the family struggle to survive, Jennifer seeks the help of Rebecca, a social worker. Rebecca quickly realises that everything is not what it seems and that Jennifer is hiding something.

Dir. Louis Lagayette, Tesa Productions, Distributed By Gonella Productions DP. Richard William Preisner BMCC 2.5K RAW w/CP.2s

Awards and Festivals

  • Nominated for Best Cinematography at Disturb Awards 2016
  • Winner – Best Actress at British Urban Film Festival Awards 2016
  • Winner – Best Film, Best Director, Best Script & Best Actress at Disturb Awards 2016
  • Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2014
  • Official selection British Urban Film Festival 2015
  • Official Selection London Short Film Festival 2015
  • Official Selection Lift Off International Film Festival 2015
  • Liverpool Official Selection Living British Cinema 2014
  • Official Selection Short Film Corner Cannes 2014
  • Nominated – Best Sound at Disturb Awards 2016
  • Nominated – Best Film at British Urban Film Festival Awards 2016

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For His Sake (2014 Film)

For His Sake (2014 Film)

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