Ready for take off?

Manchester Airport Academy provides relevant training for people seeking work in Manchester Airport, one of the area’s biggest employers and the third busiest airport in the UK.

The two to three week course is provided by Stockport College and designed for most roles required by the airport. It’s a groundbreaking project that was introduced to meet the skills shortage experienced by the airport, who require workers already up to speed in the many varied skills required.

The Airport Academy team works with a variety of different customers and trainees, supporting them on their journey to a job at the airport.

The short courses offer potential progression to a Level 2 programme and helps learners to become work ready improving confidence, self-esteem and inter-personal skills.

The Academy then ensures candidates’ job prospects really take off by actively seeking out airport vacancies for them to fill.

Since January 2016 we have placed 439 individuals through pre-employment training courses and positive interventions, we have seen the success of over 340 individuals taking up employment – a 77% overall conversion rate.


Contact the team with any of your questions on the details listed below:

Airport Academy
Upper Floor Rail Station
Manchester Airport
M90 3RR

0161 489 3907

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