Fees and funding for Higher Education courses

Our Higher Education tuition fees are lower than most UK universities’ fees and represent great value for money. We also offer extra financial support through bursaries and other funds. Tuition fees are advertised on the individual course information pages. The fee is for one year of study and is subject to change each year. Fees vary from course to course depending on whether they are set by Stockport College or one of our partner universities.

General Course Fee Breakdown:

BA (Hons) Full-Time Course – £7,500

BA (Hons) Part-Time Course – £3,750

Higher National Certificate (HNC) Full-Time Course – £5,995

Higher National Certificate (HNC) Part-Time Course – £3,000

Higher National Diploma (HND) Full-Time Course – £5,995

Higher National Diploma (HND) Part-Time Course – £3,000

Higher National Diploma (Top-up) Full-Time Course – £5,995

Higher National Diploma (Top-up) Part-Time Course – £3,000

Foundation Degree (FDA) – £5,995

Terms and Conditions of Higher Education Enrolment

These terms and conditions, together with the documents to which they refer, form the contract between you and Stockport College (the College) with regard to your Higher Education (HE) programme of Study.

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

Scholarship Awards

The College offers a limited number of Scholarship Awards made up of a cash grant of £1000 for first year full time students and £500 cash grant for first year part time students. The awards are paid in February and May. Students are eligible if their household income up to £25,000 and have to demonstrate a commitment to study through attendance and engagement with study. Applications can only be submitted after an offer of a place has been made and must be submitted by 31 October 2017.
Application Form

Application Guidance

Access Agreement

Sitting alongside the college’s higher level skills strategy, this agreement aims to deliver on the college’s commitment to up skill the local workforce, enhance the local economy as well as respond to OFFA’s strategic plan.

Higher Education Access Agreement


Am I eligible for funding?

Funding is available to students on lower incomes to help meet costs associated with their course and coming to college, with several different options available, depending on the type and level of study.

Remember, our Student Financial Support Team is ready and waiting to help with information, advice and support on a range of fees and finance issues related to your study.

Student Finance England

Student Finance Wales

Your eligibility depends on your nationality and residency, previous study and the course you’re applying for. Please see the government’s student finance web pages or contact the Student Finance Team:

Tel: 0161 296 6058

Email: studentfinance@stockport.ac.uk

Government Student Finance — Click here


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