School Liaison at Stockport College

At Stockport College we aim to inspire the next generation by engaging students across schools in Greater Manchester.

The choice of vocational and higher education courses available at Stockport College provides a wide choice of paths which school leavers can take to achieve their goals. But many school leavers aren’t sure which route is best for them. That’s where our School Liaison expert guide can help.

Our School Liaison team provide the perfect window into the opportunities on offer at Stockport College. They provide a wide range of activities designed for learners still at school to let them know what they could achieve by choosing college.

From taster days at the college in a variety of subject areas to group events and activities designed to build skills and confidence, it’s all about inspiring younger learners to aim higher when they leave school.

Whether it’s designing the next big computer game, cooking up a gourmet treat or topping of your first brick wall, these engaging activities show school students that their future is in their own hands.

If you’d like to find out more about engaging young learners, please contact our Schools Liaison Officer here or call 0161 296 5795.

Services for schools


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