A new way to learn

Stockport College offers a completely different atmosphere to sixth form. One that’s lots less formal and where you’ll be treated like an adult, with independence and more responsibility for your learning activity and ultimately your results.

Your classes will be timetabled differently too, so you’ll have days when you might not need to attend with free time for home study or part-time work.

You’ll also get to meet lots of new people and make new friends as students from different schools across Stockport, all over the UK and around the world learn with us.

Study Programmes:

At Stockport College, we will tailor a programme of study that reflects your prior attainment, education and individual needs to help you achieve your future career goals. Our Study programmes do not just include qualifications, but also activities such as tutorials and work-related learning to prepare you for your progression into further/higher education, training or employment.

The majority of study programmes will include English and maths where students do not hold a GSCE A* – C (Grade 9 – 4 from 2017).

English and Maths

Stockport College recognises how important English and math skills are to prepare you for further/higher education and your working life, it is therefore critical that you develop your English and maths to at least a grade C (grade 4 from 2017) GCSE.  This now forms a mandatory part of the Study Programme for all Colleges. Employers have expressed that having a good working knowledge of English and maths are two of the most important skills sets a person can possess.

All students will improve their Maths and English skills through one or a combination of the following:

  • Dedicated English and maths lessons.
  • Embedded English and maths skills development within your vocational, technical and academic classes.

Personal and Social Skills

We pride ourselves on the opportunities we give to students to develop on all our courses. Our Personal Tutoring system is the cornerstone of our support during your time at Stockport College.  Through regular meetings with your tutor you will benefit from personalised monitoring of your progress and support with any issues that might impact on your ability to reach your potential during your studies. Tutors will work alongside you to enhance your awareness and understanding of the wider world whilst supporting you towards your future ambition.

Independent Study Skills

As part of the tutorial programme and independent study you will also be encouraged to develop broader skills to help you with research, revision and tasks set by your course teachers.  At Stockport College we run a wide variety of workshops and study skills sessions along with an introduction to our Library+ facilities that allow you to access the resources you need to develop your vocational, technical and academic education.

Work Experience

As a leading institution in vocational education we can provide you with the opportunities to gain industry experience through work or employer-led projects. Work experience is seen as an essential ingredient to developing the skills that will make you work-ready, which is why all of our study programmes will include work-related activities, where appropriate.

Our activities are designed to bridge the gap between education and the world of work, developing your knowledge and your attitudes and behaviours such as punctuality, teamwork and resilience. Our aim is to help you prepare for your future career by giving you the essential experience in a working environment supporting you in making informed choices about your chosen area.

Enrichment Activities

We want to offer you the opportunity to gain so much more than your chosen qualification alone. At Stockport College we provide an enrichment programme to make things fun, challenging and help you develop new skills. Through enrichment, you’ll be given the chance to learn a variety of new and interesting skills which will aid you when applying for jobs or places on Further or Higher Education courses.

Enrichment Activities include:

  • Volunteering
  • Student Council
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Sport Clubs and Societies


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